What is WON80 and what can it do for you?


WON80 is a movement to raise awareness in student-athletes, coaches, parents, and spectators about the need to return to positive sportsmanship before we destroy youth, school, and community athletic programming. WON80 encourages us to focus on our own behaviors and actions which will in turn allow us to positively impact our teammates, teams, schools, and communities. WON80 provides the following services:

  • proven, cost effective workshops developed to improve the culture, character, and emotional development of teams and student-athletes

  • a collection of sportsmanship resources via Facebook, Instagram, and our website 

  • recognition of nominated student-athletes, coaches, or other members of the athletic community with the gift of a WON80 t-shirt, a hand-written congratulatory note, and a showcase on the WON80 Facebook page.


Who can benefit from becoming involved with WON80?


  • Teams, schools, and organizations looking to create a positive culture through the development of “leadership through sportsmanship”

  • Athletic administrators seeking fresh, creative, cost effective character education programming for student-athletes and coaches

  • Athletic coaches interested in investing in the emotional development of their players

  • Parents, fans, and student-athletes pursuing self-improvement

Meet Mark!

Greetings! My name is Mark Horbinski and I am grateful that you are taking time to learn more about me and my WON80 movement.


  • Masters degree in Education Administration

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Education

  • Minors in Business Administration and Coaching


  • High school teacher, coach, administrator, and club advisor for 26+ years

  • Coached football, cross country, basketball, and track/field

  • Coached boys and girls at youth, middle school, and high school levels

  • Former collegiate athlete


  • Certified 3D coach

  • WIAA licensed basketball official

  • Member of the WIAA Sportsmanship Committee

  • Founder of WON80

"I have really noticed a difference conference-wide in the Scenic Bluffs since you started WON80. It is really having a positive impact."

- Coach Ben Leis

Hiilsboro HS