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The Window


Due to our incredibly busy lifestyles, many of us feel exhausted – both physically and emotionally. We are drained! When reaching this state of fatigue, it can become a challenge to find the motivation for after work activities such as attending our children’s games, concerts, and/or performances. While it is important for us to take care of ourselves, our children should also be a top priority.

The window to watch our kids participate and grow through athletics and the arts is a small one that closes a little more with each passing game or performance. Regardless of how much or how little they may play or be on stage, we should make every effort to be there to support their efforts. Our focus should be on the opportunity, not the outcome. Watching them learning, teaching, succeeding, struggling, growing, and enjoying the experience should make your heart smile. It’s about them, not us. Our kids want us there. Even if they say it doesn’t matter or that they don’t want us to attend - they watch for us. They want our approval, our guidance, and our unwavering love.

Make sure you take advantage of the gift you have been given as a parent – the gift of engaged, active children. Enjoy the sights and sounds of their laughter, their love of a game, and their interactions with teammates before the window closes for good and your kids are grown and gone.

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