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Each year, evaluates and certifies unique best practices based on the 11 Principles framework in school, sport, higher education, and community programming. These promising practices serve as valuable resources for others just getting started in their journey.


Necedah WON80 Club is proud to have been designated by twice as a promising practice.

National Promising Practice copy.jpg


WON80 Club is a school sponsored, student driven organization in Necedah High School with a mission to lead a return to sportsmanship through awareness, education, and inspiration. WON80 Club is open to all high school students interested in learning about, modeling, and promoting positive sportsmanship through their words and their actions.



OPPORTUNITY OVER OUTCOME recognizes and rewards the positive contributions of all who make our athletic contests an enjoyable and educational experience. It is a culmination of multiple activities delivered by our WON80 Sportsmanship Club at all our Winter sporting events.

OPPORTUNITY OVER OUTCOME is the "umbrella title" that covers our Appreciation Bag project, Better With A Letter project, Sport of the Game promotion, and Program Inserts.

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